Inbox: Green consumers have big pockets

Super green” consumers – those engaged in the highest numbers of environmentally-friendly activities – are top earners with penchant for luxury items, according to US report from Scarborough Research.
“Today’s environmentalists have traded sandals and hemp for cashmere and Lexus,” Scarborough’s vice president of marketing Deirdre McFarland said. “Luxury marketers – or, really, any marketer who wants to capture the American high spending population – could benefit from green-focused marketing, promotions and products.”
The super green – which Scarborough says comprise around five percent of the Amercian adult population – are far more likely than the average adult to spend up on cosmetics or fine jewellery and to buy new luxury vehicle as well as have diverse investment portfolio.
Scarborough said its findings have implications for the banking and household goods industries. “The robust investment and financial profiles of Super Greenies suggest that green-oriented messaging and marketing can help banks connect with this consumer group on personal level.
“Super Greenies continue to invest in household goods, despite dips in the housing market,” the report added. “This provides good opportunities for brand development among home accessories stores.”
And the report noted that super greens tend to lead healthy lifestyles, by hitting the gym, enjoying healthy diet and spending time outdoors. M

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