When it comes to customer service, businesses ignore the growing power of social media at their peril. The latest annual KiwiHost Service Survey shows people under 25 are almost twice as likely as people from other age groups to use social media to tell others about negative customer service experience.
In many ways, the survey drives home messages already signalled in the survey findings of 2009 and 2010.
Kiwihost MD Jared Brixton says this year’s 600 respondents are calling on customer service staff to listen to them, demonstrate willingness to help them and take responsibility to meet their needs.
“It seems that many New Zealand organisations are not meeting customer expectations in these three key areas.”
The telecommunications industry, internet providers, government agencies and local/district councils received the lowest ratings.
Banks, hotels and the automotive industry lead the way when it comes to happy customers.
When asked whether the level of customer service was improving in New Zealand, 36 percent of respondents felt it was getting worse.
“These findings indicate general and perhaps increasing feeling of dissatisfaction with the level of customer service provided by many New Zealand organisations,” says Brixton. M

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