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I relished Reg Birchfield’s article “Flawed governance” (NZ Management, February 2012, page 22) and applaud him for stating the facts. It may have created some angst in boardrooms but he is spot on in his assessment of the situation. Cases currently before the courts lend further substance to his findings.
I similarly enjoyed Reg’s first delivery on productivity (“Solving NZ’s productivity puzzle” NZ Management, February 2012, page 34) in which he points out that lack of management and direction are largely to blame for New Zealand’s poor productivity performance.
Reg’s re-entry as the leading contributor to the magazine is lifting its profile and puts it in the forefront as thought leader. I thank you for it.
– Ralph Penning, director and trustee

I enjoyed the article “Flawed governance” (NZ Management, February 2012, page 22). If you changed the word directors for elected reps we have the same issue in local government. I know I had better be careful as I came ‘off the street’ and into local government and would never have had the opportunity to gain the experience I have had otherwise.
What I have attempted to do is run our council more like corporate entity and shift the management of our assets into CCOs with very capable and focused directors. Those CCOs also suffer from lack of women, not because we don’t want them, but because those who we have invited to become involved are usually over-committed already. Thanks for the read.
– Maureen Pugh, mayor, Westland District Council

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