Inbox: Leverage talent through training

Over half of New Zealand companies don’t offer formal training or apprenticeships, according to new research by ManpowerGroup. The findings have prompted the group to call for organisations to revisit their training strategies in order to boost productivity.
The data is included in research report “Leveraging Talent through Training”.
ManpowerGroup notes that as the Christchurch city rebuild accelerates next year there will be increased pressure on demand for skilled workers in New Zealand.
Michael Sacco, manager Australia and New Zealand, ManpowerGroup Training Solutions, encourages New Zealand employers to adopt “build-versus-buy” mentality.
“Many employers are accustomed to finding talent outside their organisation. Yet this can be risky approach in talent scarce marketplace,” he says. “Our advice is to expand the means of developing talent from within.”
Sacco says the rebuild will put huge pressure on the local labour market, with the estimated need for workers outstripping the available local talent pool.
“Engaging new talent from local and overseas sources is an important part of building workforce, however, competition for talent in New Zealand is also factor.
“Training is logical way to grow sustainable supply of talent and allows organisations to focus on developing candidates’ relevant ‘hard skills’ and fields of specialisation,” he says.
ManpowerGroup’s survey found that the major barriers for organisations offering internal training programmes were: the belief they were too small, the belief they lacked the resources to deliver/run programmes, and that training was too costly. M

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