Inbox: Readers with drive

New Zealand Post’s Fiona Woolley got to test both her nerve and her driving skills after winning the BMW driving course competition which ran in the December issue of NZ Management.
Woolley, who is NZ Post’s manager – market engagement, targeted communications, joined group of drivers at the Hampton Downs race track checking out fleet of BMWs including 3 Series, Z4 and M3 sports vehicles.
She says hurtling around the course on the Hot Lap gave her whole new respect for race drivers. “I didn’t realise until I was actually in the car with one just how impressive their timing and skills are. It also put my earlier amateur efforts on the track firmly in their place.
“Highlights included being asked to drive at 80km/h, take my hands off the wheel and trust the car to go in straight line while I stamped down on the ABS brakes: leap of faith that paid off.”
For Woolley, the course reinforced the interconnect between driving speed and braking distance required.
“There have been enough ads and articles telling us this but we don’t always allow safe distances. Being in car at speed and trying to stop within prescribed distance on this course certainly drove that point home to me.”
BMW Group New Zealand communications manager Ed Finn says NZ Management readers are “sophisticated and discerning individuals who know quality and refinement”.
“They’re perfect fit for BMW.” M

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