Intouch: $13 million grants for climate-ready projects

The Australian government has awarded further A$13.4 million worth of grants to 22 businesses under its Climate Ready Programme – taking the total number of projects being funded under the programme to 73. These are worth more than $58 million and support some 760 jobs.
The grants announced by Senator Kim Carr late last month go towards projects designed to help develop innovative solutions to climate change – and range from solar-powered air conditioning, to reduced-water car washes and the manufacture of building materials from flyash (the residue from coal-powered energy).
Such projects, says Carr, will improve the environment and support the type of high-wage, high-skill jobs that drive economic recovery. “Supporting green innovation and green jobs is vital in combating the effects of the worst global recession in 75 years.”
Projects include:
• A NSW business awarded over $458,000 to develop unique air conditioning system up to 12 times more power efficient than traditional systems.
• A West Australian business awarded $2.6 million to create lightweight components for fuel-efficient transport.
• A Queensland business awarded $500,000 to work on innovative equipment and processes for the recycling and recovery of green and organic waste.
Climate Ready is part of the Clean Business Australia initiative – $240 million partnership over four years between the Rudd government and industry to deliver energy and water-efficient projects with focus on productivity and innovation.

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