INTOUCH: Award Seeks Humanitarian Approach

Auckland plastics and medical device manufacturer Adept wants to unleash the ideas of clever New Zealanders to help humanity, and is offering $50,000 prize for the winning innovation.
The company hopes its ‘Designs for Life’ award will encourage people to come up with new ideas that will improve quality of life, whether in first or third world countries.
Managing director Murray Fenton said the company’s 30-year expertise in plastics design, tooling and manufacturing was an ideal fit with some of the innovative ideas in the medical and public health sector.
“We’re traditionally nation full of good ideas and better ways to do things. New Zealanders have long history of innovation in the medical field, from involvement in unravelling the DNA sequence through to the Kiwi invention of the disposable syringe.
“Our theory is that there are many people working in the healthcare field who intuitively know there could be better way of doing something. They could be medical professional, university student, researcher or work in hospital. That’s the sort of person we want to attract.”
Adept will help take the winning idea from concept to commercial product using its product development and design expertise.
Murray Fenton said all the IP would remain the property of the entrant, not Adept, and stresses it needs to use Adept’s expertise in design and manufacturing.
The award lines up with Adept’s background in philanthropic works, which include working with the Fred Hollows Foundation as well as donating Adept-produced ear grommets to the Pacific Islands.
Fenton said the company is keen to attract as many entries as possible and has made the initial application as simple as possible.
“The sort of people who have the smart ideas we want to work alongside are, in the majority of times, extremely busy people. We have been constantly amazed by the wealth of great ideas people have, particularly in the medical field, which could make significant difference to life. What they lack is the time or ability to take it to the next step, and that’s where we can help.”

Entries are via the Adept website, with the initial application requiring only brief expressions of interest. Entries close Monday May 25.

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