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Senior decision makers are less influenced by celebrities and more by their own knowledge and experience of product when considering buying sustainable brand products.
A September 2009 nationwide ShapeNZ online survey of 664 senior decision makers shows 69 percent are influenced by their own brand experience, 57 percent by what they know about the company promoting the product. Some 42 percent are influenced by their perception it is brand they trust.
Celebrity endorsements to meet this market appeal to just four percent.

When considering brands with sustainable attributes, which of the following has the greatest influence on you?

Senior decision makers
Famous people or celebrities supporting it4%
News reviews highlighting advantages27%
Knowledge about the company promoting the product57%
Recommendations from friends35%
My own experience of the brand’s product or service69%
Product from brand that you trust42%
N/A I don’t really think about this type of thing9%
Don’t know6%

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