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Nearly six out of 10 business people oppose extending assistance to large greenhouse gas emitters if this costs taxpayers an extra $1 billion over the first five years. This compares with 50 percent who oppose among the general population.

If harmonising the Australian and New Zealand emissions trading schemes meant phasing out assistance to large emitters more slowly over longer period, at an extra cost to taxpayers of about $1 billion over the first five years, would you support or oppose this policy?

New Zealanders
Strongly support1%
Strongly oppose13%
Don’t know17%

Business decision makers
Strongly support2%
Neutral 20%
Strongly oppose19%
Don’t know8%

Source: ShapeNZ August 24-September 8, 2009. Maximum margin of error on the national sample of 1245 respondents is +/- 2.8% and +/- 6.1% on the business decision maker sample of 255 respondents. Weighted by age, gender, ethnicity, personal income, employment status and party vote 2008 to provide nationally representative population sample.

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