INTOUCH : From Laptops to Laps

Sometimes electricity and water do mix. Computer giant IBM has combined the two as part of its Big Green project – global multimillion-dollar initiative to reduce energy use by IBM and its clients.
Working with IT company Gib-Services, IBM has created new energy efficient “green” data centre at former military bunker outside of Zurich. The new centre is secure data storage facility where Gib will support its clients in Switzerland, and will offer first-of-its-kind energy model where direct heat exchange will take place between the data centre and public swimming pool in the town.
The centre is expected to create 2800MWh of wasted heat per year when operating at full capacity – the same amount of energy needed to supply up to 80 houses with heating and warm water for one year. In order to re-purpose some of this previously wasted energy, the town is looking to the needs of the local community – ensuring comfortable temperature for swimming in the town pool.

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