Intouch: Leadership first for Foodstuffs

Future leaders of the supermarket industry are learning what it takes to run top-performing business following introduction of the inaugural Foodstuffs Academy Management Programme last month.
The Academy is first for New Zealand and is long-term training programme established by the lower North Island grocery cooperative Foodstuffs Wellington and initially involving 30 delegates from Foodstuffs’ stores, wholesale and distribution companies. The Academy will also be used as tool to attract high achievers from outside the company.
“Great people are the key to every business’ success. This is never more important than in challenging economic times,” says Foodstuffs Wellington chairman Brian Drake.
“Every organisation needs talent pool to draw on for its current and future leadership if it is to remain strong, high-performing business. It is not enough just to identify those people. It is vital to commit to developing their talent and rewarding their loyalty.”
The Foodstuffs Academy Management Programme has been developed by leading business trainer David Forman and consists of eight three-day modules conducted over two years. It has been designed around business objectives identified by more than 80 Foodstuffs store owner-operators and key managers.
The eight modules are:
• Leadership for the 21st Century
• Smart Business Thinking and Financial Know-How
• Self-Leadership and Personal Effectiveness
• Understanding and Driving the Customer Experience
• Building High-Performing Teams
• The Science of Shopping
• Managing for Operational Excellence
• Human Capital and Presenting with Confidence.

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