INTOUCH : Young executive honoured

Mason Pratt, managing director of Wellington’s Provoke Solutions, has won the Central Region section of this year’s NZIM/Eagle Technology Young Executive of the Year. He is founding partner of the successful software development company that was established in 2001.
Pratt says he entered the awards as he thinks it’s “human nature to seek out the odd high-five every once in while from someone who doesn’t necessarily have vested interest in your success”.
“I guess I was looking for some outside validation I was doing good job even though the company’s performance speaks for itself,” he says.
Provoke is Wellington-based software development company that builds custom and product-based applications using Microsoft technologies. The firm’s directors, including Pratt, have strong vision for the business: to run software house with user-centred design focus which consistently delivers high quality solutions to customers around the globe. The company has two core philosophies: design excellence and premium customer experience. Some of those customers include the NZ Fire Service, the Law Commission and the National Bank.
Pratt believes the most important ingredient for success in any discipline is passion.
“I’m passionate about few things, not least creating successful business that attracts and retains the best people our industry has to offer.”
When Provoke was established just over six years ago, he continues, there were numerous discussions about the importance of company culture and how paying lip service to the old adage ‘staff are the most important asset’ simply wasn’t enough. He says Provoke management constantly look for creative ways in which to evolve the company and develop its staff into industry leaders.
“They say ‘behind every great man there is great woman’, but in my case, the 43 staff at Provoke are really the ones responsible for my success. I’ve been fortunate to have their backing, their smarts and their buy-in to lead an exceptional and very successful company,” Pratt says.
He says winning the Central division award is one of his career highlights.
“It’s been real confidence boost to receive external recognition for Provoke’s accomplishments over the past few years and the part I’ve played in achieving this success.”
He admits his role gets lonely at times “despite having the best right-hand man I could ever wish for” and feels the award is recognition for team of people.
Ever business-savvy, Pratt is also conscious that the award will enhance Provoke’s market profile.

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