Just Good Business : Are Managers ETS aware?

Most senior managers are aware of New Zealand’s now-on-hold Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), but only small percentage had good or detailed knowledge of it.
That’s according to an internet survey of members of the New Zealand Institute of Management undertaken late last year with help from Research New Zealand. It revealed that 90 percent of respondents had heard of the scheme – similar level of awareness to that found in survey of senior managers undertaken by the Victoria Branch of the Australian Institute of Management earlier in the year, notes NZIM chief executive David Chapman.
A majority of respondents who had heard of the scheme were not in favour of it – some 61 percent saying that from the point of view of New Zealand business generally, they didn’t favour it. From the viewpoint of their own organisation, those not in favour were slightly lower at 51 percent. In the Australian survey, almost two thirds of respondents felt the introduction of the Australian scheme was justified.
However, organisations in New Zealand had taken the first step with 81 percent having some level of knowledge about their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, says Chapman.

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