Just Good Business : Into a Warming World

To avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change, world carbon emissions will have to drop to near zero by 2050 before going into “negative” mode, according the latest ‘State of the World 2009’ report from the Worldwatch Institute. This represents more demanding target than those being set by most policymakers – including new US President Barack Obama who, like the United Kingdom government, favours an 80 percent reduction by mid-century. Even with such major changes, the world may face an additional rise of nearly one degree Celsius because the impact of past greenhouse gas emissions hasn’t yet been felt on surface temperatures, the report suggests. It regards 2009 as pivotal period in the movement against climate change with scientists more certain, the public more engaged, and new US president bringing fresh commitment to the task of reducing carbon emissions. It also notes that this is the year by which the world community has agreed to negotiate new climate agreement – as successor to the carbon-capping Kyoto Protocol. This is due to be hammered out in Copenhagen in December 2009.

For more information go to www.worldwatch.org

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