Just Good Business buzz: Environmental messages getting lost?

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to getting green messages across to the public, according to the latest Creo / Perceptive Corporate Trust survey. In response to the unprompted question ‘which international brand is leading the way in terms of its environmental thinking?’ respondents ignored the large budgets of Toyota and BP and opted for the environmental activist, Greenpeace.
“The other interesting aspect of the survey,” according to Creo’s ceo, Hamish Anderson, “is that 53 percent of the 1000 people surveyed couldn’t name brand leading the way in terms of demonstrating its environmental thinking, which indicates that lot of marketing activity is not getting through to mainstream New Zealanders.”
One brand leading the way in environmental thinking is an organisation that doesn’t have high profile. “It significantly outranked brands like Air New Zealand, Fonterra, The Warehouse, Genesis Energy, Contact Energy and Greenpeace. Ecostore shared its top billing of an eight percent rating with Meridian, which positions itself as our largest renewable energy generator.
“Consumer respect for Ecostore looks to be based on the company’s dedication to producing sustainable household cleaning and personal care products that tick all the desired boxes in terms their environmental friendliness…In old-fashioned terms ecostore is an organisation that is seen to be walking the talk.”
The Creo / Perceptive Corporate Trust survey is run quarterly for Creo as part of Perceptive’s omnibus research programme. The survey is conducted online.

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