Local impacts

Implementing global strategy at the local level was made easier by leadership from the top, says New Zealand managing director of Oracle, Leigh Warren. “As long as there was context for change, that is everyone knew the big picture – saving billion dollars – then at least we all knew what we were trying to achieve. That’s the key,” he says.
New Zealand’s Oracle office has around 160 people, and so far says Warren, their savings have come from internal changes using Internet applications.
“Ask any business – fragmentation of their knowledge is probably their biggest problem. Consolidation of data is huge area – without that it’s difficult to build an e-commerce knowledge-based organisation.
“Before this, we had pockets of information, and you just reported the stuff. Now you can ask more knowledge-based questions. You can ask and get information accurately.”
Flexibility is another important key as local operation fitting into global one. “While we have to make sure we get consistent business practices globally because we’re part of the global chain, we also have to remember we’re link in the local chain – we’re New Zealand company. Which means you have to be flexible in the way you deal with peers and with the local turf etc.
However, adds Warren, the key to the billion-dollar story comes from the ability to continue with growth without adding costs.

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