Lost Laptops Sink Ships

From the strange but true files comes this tale that British intelligence officers have lost more than 200 laptops since 1997. And yes, they contained classified information.
The latest, reported last month, was laptop with files about new weapons system, which was absent-mindedly left in taxi.
In another instance, female intelligence officer lost her laptop after having few drinks in London bar – at least she thinks that’s where she left it.
To help these security challenged spies manage their affairs and minimise the traffic in secret information, the Defence Ministry is buying thief-proof cases for the laptops, which will be equipped with codes. The cases will only open with the right code.
Hopefully these intelligent officers will be better at remembering their codes than remembering their laptops. Because if they forget their codes, self-destruct mechanism will erase the hard drive if the case is opened by force.
A bonus of the case is the tracking feature that lets lost laptop call home for help.
Oh, and while it’s waiting to be rescued, the case protects it from damage by rain, heat and bombs.
While this state of affairs has the British public giggling heartily, security analyst has pointed to the fact that the UK isn’t alone – and that the US is also prone to losing its laptops.

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