Majority of New Zealand workforce job-hunting in 2013

The Report, commissioned by recruitment and HR specialists Randstad, also shows that New Zealanders are feeling increasingly insecure in their roles, with nearly one third (27%) admitting to feeling less secure in their position than year ago (21%). This figure is comparatively high for the region, with Malaysian workers (21%) and Chinese employees (25%) feeling significantly more confident. 

Director of Randstad New Zealand Paul Robinson says the data shows 2013 will be competitive year for people looking to make career move.

“With almost two thirds of the local labour force intending to leave their current position over the next 12 months, which is almost twice the amount than last year at 33%, it’s important for people to be fully prepared in their job search and spend time researching the roles they wish to apply for. 

“Employees are considerably more optimistic about the opportunities the New Year will bring when compared with 2012, which is due to the economy hitting number of speed bumps earlier this year. When the economy shows signs of instability, we generally see reduced worker mobility and it’s natural in times of uncertainty for workers to tread cautious path and stick with what they know. 

“Additionally, the research highlights the younger Generation Y through to baby boomers are all keen to progress their careers in the New Year. With this creating more competitive market, it will be those individuals who are ready to apply for roles and take advantage of opportunities as they arise that will be most successful in finding their ideal role,” says Robinson. 

Young workers are by far the most assured in their current positions with only 21% of Gen Y feeling less secure than they did in 2011. Mature workers aren’t as confident however, with almost double (40%) admitting to feeling more vulnerable in their position. 

The Randstad World of Work report also reveals the primary reasons why workers plan to leave their jobs, with 40% of those looking for new role citing an inability to grow professionally as major influencing factor. Uncompetitive salary (16%), not being well matched to the job (8%), having poor relationship with their direct manager (8%) and broken recruitment promises are other key factors for considering change in role or career.

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