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Sick of being bombarded with viruses? Symantec recently produced common sense article entitled “Security Begins At Your Workstation” which contains some practical measures for protecting your computer and the corporate information that’s on it.
Most basic security measures are indeed common sense, such as “locking” your system when away from your desk. Windows NT4 and Windows 2000 users can easily lock their screens by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and selecting the “Lock Workstation” option.
Password protected screensavers are another recommendation, set to activate after reasonably short period.
One advanced measure recommended in the article is to use Encrypting File System (EFS), new feature in Windows 2000 that encrypts designated folders and files to protect sensitive material. Also, using NT File System (NTFS) lets you set very specific security permissions on your data (as well as enabling the use of EFS). Before converting your file system, make sure you back up your important business data.

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