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Toshiba has launched the Satellite Pro TE2000 and 6000 as the logical successors to the popular 4600 series. nine-month long product life cycle and common docking/accessory options with other Toshiba ranges such as the Tecra and Portege removes many of the headaches business managers often face in upgrading notebook hardware. Also, the stable software image pre-installed for the life of the motherboard reduces IT resources needed for qualification, upgrading and serviceability.
From hardware point of view, the new models introduce significant incremental benefits to the range – primarily state-of-the-art processor technology currently available in the hi-end Tecras which includes 1GHz-plus Pentium III processors.
Flexible expansion capabilities through the SelectBay enable interchangeable DVD/CD-RW, DVD, CD hard disk or second battery options.
Connectivity within the new Satellite Pro models meets the highest standards with modem, ethernet, fast infrared integrated potential, as well as cordless options such as Bluetooth (6000 model only) and Wi-Fi for easy synchronisation and cable-less free roaming. Packaged within casing that is 15 percent lighter than its predecessors at 2.4kgs (with the weight saver) and 20 percent longer battery life (expandable up to six hours) the Satellite Pros represent the pinnacle of today’s mobile computing platforms.

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