Managers still win trust

“In uncertain times, you could expect employees to lose faith in their leaders, to blame them for cutbacks, loss of sales and jobs and lower profit margins,” he says.

“Employees are placing great expectations on bosses to deliver the goods in these changing and challenging times so the pressure is on leaders to perform.”

The latest L.E.A.D. Survey is based on feedback from 1709 employees in Australia and New Zealand.

Employee trust in immediate managers or leaders

• 53% have “a great deal” of trust (47% in 2012, 49% in 2009)

• 33% have “moderate” trust (40% in 2012, 33% in 2009)

Employee trust in leaders’ ability to achieve organisational goals

• 37% have “a great deal” of trust (32% in 2012, 34% in 2009)

• 46% have “moderate” trust (50% in 2012, 46% in 2009)

Employee levels of trust in what leaders tell them about the organisation’s future

• 33% have “a great deal” of trust (28% in 2012, 31% in 2009)

• 43% have “moderate” level of trust (46% in 2012, 43% in 2009).

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