Managing to Make a Difference

More important than information today, is the intellectual property we as individuals create to apply the knowledge. Since this has always been at the very core of what the New Zealand Institute of Management offers it feels as if this decade is “our moment”. An exciting time to be shaping the future of the face of management in our nation.
I am proud of our record over the last year. As team we strove to achieve new heights, while remaining true to our core values of:
? leadership in management;
? demonstrating and delivering excellence in what we do;
? sharing our views and providing guidance as the trusted voice of management;
? and providing relevance and value for our members as the first choice resource for management needs.
Some key highlights of 2000 were:
? The progress we made with the development of our e-business model which will deliver new services to members by the end of this year.
? The successful launch of our Enterprise Certificate in Management into secondary schools, which opens up career opportunities for our young people and the development of quality teacher resources.
? Our worldwide networking with sister organisations.
? The development of common training strategies and policies within NZIM to give our members confidence nationally in our qualifications.
? Our continued leadership in new management “need” areas. The continued success of health and safety training is one of our more recent examples.
? The continued recognition by employers and students of NZIM qualifications enhancing the value of our programmes and challenging us to remain current and proactive.
? The value we were able to add to the NZIM brand which allows us to be stronger organisation for members and ultimately make difference to management in New Zealand.

E-business is our business
The Executive Team is driving the implementation strategy for NZIM. We have given this project top priority because our key objectives are to:
? Complete nationally integrated database with the facility for members to be able to update their own records;
? Provide linkages with overseas management organisations;
? Provide learning enhancements such as self assessment and needs analysis.
As critical first stage we have completed comprehensive Scoping Study which has:
? Defined the resources needed to establish an e-business capability;
? The requirements for the database and communications technology and the design of web portals and pages.

Education as lifelong affair: We are very aware of the esteemed heritage of NZIM qualifications and the need to provide unwavering and relevant substance in the learning we provide for students of all ages and at all levels. Many of our programmes have been reviewed over the last 18 months and changed where necessary to reflect more current and evolving content.

Enterprise Certificate in Management: This new product mirrors the Certificate in Management but is specifically designed as stage one for our young people and will be delivered in secondary schools. This qualification offers new opportunities for students who would like to study for career in business and management. Interest from secondary schools has been strong with 60 schools picking up the programme in the first year. High quality teaching resources have been developed in support of these programmes and it is exciting to note one of the most sought after papers is marketing.

Workplace assessment for students: The new qualification “Certificate in Management” replaces the Certificate in Supervisory Management. It is particularly valuable because it allows students to be assessed on workplace specific projects.

Pathway to degrees: The NZIM Diploma in Management continues to be sought after management qualification and offers pathway for those who want to complete business and/or management degree.

Nuturing our partnerships: During the year discussions were held with number of providers as NZIM looked to extend through partnership the range of programmes on offer. Discussions were held with the Armed Forces to strengthen the credit transfer arrangements we currently have through the Certificate in Management. This allows armed forces personnel to obtain credit towards generic management qualification.

Seeking the transTasman competitive edge:Critical to transTasman workplace integration and providing New Zealanders with competitive edge in the transTasman workplace is recognition for our skill base. To this end we are currently evaluating nationally recognised competency based qualification which will be compatible with Australian competencies and registered on the New Zealand Framework. This will happen this year.

Management research: This key management area provides benchmarks and fresh perspectives on issues and provides members with good information on evolving management issues.
Working smarter to ensure we have the answers, the year 2000 saw us undertake several strategic research projects (copies are available for members by contacting me directly on fax):
? Charismatic Leadership with Massey University
? Evaluation of Competitive Capability with Victoria University
? Human Resource Management Index with Weavers
? Business Trends Survey
? Managers and Stress with Massey and Waikato Universities
? Leadership with the Centre for Leadership Studies at Victoria University.

National and international relationships to leverage knowledge growth: We have very close working relationship with the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation. During 2000 we joined them for ?knowledge hours’ and other training opportunities.
In June, in association with the WISE Womens Network we ran very successful conference, “Women as Leaders in Business”.
NZIM is member of the Asian Association of Management Organisations and our national president Doug Matheson takes over as president of that body in November 2001. This will give us unique opportunity to provide leadership in management in the Asian region. More detail later this year on this!

International networks as global resource
Over the past few years we have been proactively seeking closer working relationships with international management organisations to ensure we are getting access to the latest and broadest range of philosophy and practice globally. Our affiliations span globally – Australian Institute of Management (AIM), British Institute of Management (IM), American Management Association (AMA), Asia Association of Management Organisations (AAMO).

Developing top management talent
The development of young executive talent in New Zealand is critical to our future earnings as nation and in 2000 we joined with Management’s Top 200 Awards to expose our younger talented executives to much broader management audience. As in past years, we were again delighted with the depth of entries in the regions and the calibre of such young people in New Zealand. The winners of the regional finals at Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland were Joseph Thomas, chief executive of the Chatham Island Enterprise Group, Sharon Paine, general manager, Information Services Department of Child Youth and Family Services, and Arama Kukutai, general manager, NZ Trade Development Board.
The national winner was Joseph Thomas and he will go to Japan to compete in the international event.

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