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Celebrity Speakers (NZ) Ltd certainly offers more than the name would suggest. For over 11 years the company has been providing inspiring solutions to organisations with communication requirements as diverse as complete cultural change, facilitation of conflict resolution, assistance with marketing strategies, or the implementation of customer service programmes.
Many of the speakers and consultants represented are acknowledged nationally or internationally for their consulting work or as authors of best-selling books. These include Dr Lester Levy (Leadership and the Whirlpool Effect), Clive Gilson and Mike Pratt (co-authors of the international best selling book Peak Performance, Business Lessons from the World’s Top Sports Organizations), through to Dr Michael Colgan, internationally recognized for his work in sports nutrition, power training for athletes and health.
Managing Director, Debbie Tawse said “Many people do not realize we have speakers and consultants working with organisations on contract – sometimes up to 2 or 3 days week on permanent or semi-permanent basis. Their roles vary – from being contracted to deliver marketing services to corporate organizations to the implementation and ongoing management of training, cultural change or customer service programmes. Others are contracted to assist with customer relationship management programmes, relationship marketing programmes, technology strategy or the development of leadership skills.
“Many of our speakers and consultants start by delivering single speech to businesses, and then, when senior executive recognises the depth of the knowledge and skills those speakers offer, they are contracted for more extensive, ongoing programmes.
“Our challenge is to let organisations know we really are service business with strong focus on consultancy. I think many people don’t realise the extent of the knowledge we hold and the benefits of working with an agency such as ours.
“I’ve spent more than 10 years building up our international network – and it is just starting to pay dividends. Slowly but surely we are educating our clients on the depth of our knowledge and the range of contacts we have.” Celebrity Speakers (NZ) Ltd is wholly New Zealand owned company that has no affiliation to other companies of similar name around the world.
For information on speakers and con-sultants who can add to the development of your business, contact [email protected] or phone Debbie Tawse on +64 9 373 4177 or visit their website

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