A more settled workforce but challenges remain

LMA’s (http://www.leadershipmanagement.com.au/) L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Employment and Direction) Survey in May showed employees across Australia and New Zealand were considering new job prospects at an unprecedented high rate, akin to the 2006-08 “talent war” period when employers were paying 25% to 30% salary premiums to find or keep high quality people.

The new survey of 3000 employees across Australia and New Zealand and covering the major industry sectors was completed last week, with the New Zealand results being consistent with those across the Tasman. They showed 50% of employees at all levels were considering job change (versus 55% in May), 22% were actively looking (30% previously), 13% had applied for new job (down from 22%), and 2% had changed jobs compared with 4% in May.

Managing director of LMA Grant Sexton said the survey showed the potential for talent war had eased. He said management’s lack of recognition of their employees was key driver of the previous very high levels of workplace discontent.

“It was scary and quite alarming scenario earlier this year, but employers appear to have got the message. They are now acknowledging the sacrifices employees made during the GFC and reassuring them about their futures,” he said.

Sexton said that while the workplace has become more stable, employers still have great deal of work ahead of them. “Running an organisation where half the staff are considering changing jobs is an unacceptable threat to performance, and ultimately the bottom line. The challenge to continue to engage their people is still real priority.”


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