Paying Monkeys

What people get paid fascinates other
people, and the more they get paid the more fascinating it is. Given our recent preoccupations with salaries of CEOs and the media in this country, it was interesting to come across what people are paid in the media in the United States. Television takes the prize for top salaries in the media.
Starting with television, Brill’s Content 1999 Salary Report, noted that ABC”s:
* 20/20 co-anchor Barbara Walters earned US$10 million
* Peter Jennings earned $8 million
* Ted Koppel earned $8 million
* Good Morning America and 20/20 co-anchor Diane Sawyer $7 million
* Connie Chung 20/20 earned $l million
* senior producer of 20/20, $200,000
* Segment producer of the World News Tonight $80,000-$150,000.

Over at CBS…
* Dan Rather, anchor and managing editor CBS Evening News $7 million
* 60 Minutes creator and executive producer Don Hewett $4 million
* Mike Wallace, co-editor and correspondent $3 million
* 60 Minutes producer $100,000.

Paid on average its co-anchors from $2.5 million-$7 million.
* Its executive producer $l.2 million
* Its correspondents $300,000-$400,000
* senior producer $160,000.

* Pays Larry King $7 million
* Ted Turner takes home $6.05 million
* Bernard Shaw, anchor $l.l million
* White House correspondent $225,000-275,000
* senior producer $60,000.

In Los Angeles or New York…
Co-anchors averaged $2-$3 million.
* New York weatherman gets $600,000.
* But if you’re weatherperson in Texas, you’d be getting around $65,000.

Radio talkback…
Hosts are the top-dogs in radio.
* Howard Stern, host of the Howard Stern Show gets $17 million
* while his producer receives $150,000.

Pay well below this.
* Newspaper editors salaries range from $160,000-$400,000
* Senior reporters $100,000.

* TIME managing editor gets $975,000 to $l million
* FORTUNE managing editor $650,000-$750,000
* Sports Illustrated senior writer $150,000-$450,000
*FORTUNE senior writer $80,000-$125,000

This is new sector that recognises the online revolution. However, salary levels lag behind those paid in other media.
* Director/editor/editor in chief $250,000
* Senior writer/editor $60,000-$90,000.
Source: Brills Content.

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