Some topics you can predict will get lot of media mileage on regular
basis – topics like our sliding dollar, the economic crisis, the brain drain, or joint currency with Australia.
Everyone’s got an opinion, and so the debate goes on. The issues are predictable.
Something that wasn’t predictable few years ago is the movement of some of the Top 200 companies.
Who would have accurately predicted four years ago with the split Fletcher stocks, the direction that Fletcher Challenge as an organisation would take?
Last year Fletcher Challenge Paper came second in the Top 200, this year it disappears because of its sale to Norwegian giant, Norske Skog.
Another regular that’s disappeared this year, and one that also faced shareholder wrath over its results, is Brierley Investments, who have, of course, now moved their base to Singapore.
Also missing is Fernz – regular Top 200 award winner, which is now Nufarm in Australia.
While the Dairy Board again tops the list, Air New Zealand is giving notice that it will contest that position in next year’s Top 200. Third in the line-up this year, our national carrier claims that from day one, the new Ansett-Air New Zealand group will bear revenues of more than $7.446 billion.
But profitability counts too, and in those stakes, Telecom, despite drop in profit, is still the most profitable company in the Top 200 list.
In the trivia predictions, things that won’t change in the next 20 years apparently, are: Pencils, because they don’t need ink, electricity or batteries, and are relatively cheap. Paper clips, assuming paper persists, because they’re still useful. Zippers are still the most reliable fasteners, and the man’s suit will be around for while yet because it appeals to the mix of status, conformity and anonymity. These are comforting thoughts for some.

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