Pulse Utilities tops Deloitte Fast 50

Fellow electricity retailer PowerKiwi comes in at number two with an impressive 1916 percent. Nelson-based McCashin’s Brewery was third, achieving 1836 percent growth.

National leader of the Fast 50 programme, Deloitte partner Stephen Nicholas, attributes Pulse Utilities’ growth to sticking to the simple formula of providing full service with the best possible local price for its customers.  

“By focusing on this combination of customer service and low price in areas of New Zealand that may not seem like priority for the bigger players in the industry, Pulse has differentiated itself from the pack,” he says.

Nicholas says this year’s index demonstrates once again that doing the basics right goes long way towards achieving business success.

“Things like having deeply rooted culture of values and integrity, strong customer-centric focus and the good sense to embrace collaboration with the right partners at the right time can help businesses catapult ahead of the competition,” he says.

“What Deloitte Fast 50 winners have in common is that they are phenomenally focused on these things.”

To make the 2012 Deloitte Fast 50, companies had to achieve growth of 154 percent, while growth of at least 480 percent was required to make the top 10 on the index.

The 2012 group of Deloitte Fast 50 businesses grew the New Zealand economy by $637 million in the past three years and created 1376 jobs. 

• For the full Deloitte Fast 50 index, go to www.fast50.co.nz.

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