Reader survey reveals NZ Management magazine readers from ‘top corporate demographic’

Findings reveal the following key data about readers:
• 31% have purchasing authority of $100,000+
• 20% are from businesses with turnover of $100m+
• 54% are board member/owner/CEO or other member of senior executive team
• 70% of readers have household income of more than $100k

And further: Nearly half of all readers have authority to spend $30,000+; 90% are mid-level managers or more senior.

In terms of lifestyle and personal spend, the numbers are equally impressive, says Mediaweb publisher Toni Myers. Ninety-eight percent like going to cafes and restaurants & holidaying in NZ occasionally or frequently. And in the coming year:
• 67% plan an overseas holiday
• 54% plan to undertake executive education or skills training
• 50% plan to invest in new tech gadgets
• 43% will review their investment portfolio and 27% plan to buy an investment property
• 44% plan to buy new car and 36% to buy or move house.

And, says Myers, while high percentage of the readers (56%) also read the NZ Herald only minority of this targeted senior, high-earning demographic read NBR (38%) and very small percentage read NZ Management’s competitor publications Unlimited and Marketing (12%) and Idealog (10%).

“And our seriously heavy-hitting readership takes us very seriously,” she says. “The research tells us that 79% of readers spend more than half an hour and 37% spend more than an hour reading NZ Management.”

On average readers read nine out of every 12 issues and four in 10 have read all of the previous year’s. Thirty percent keep issues indefinitely as reference with 55% keeping them at least couple of months or more.

• Magazine inserts at Point of Sale and personalised emails to the subscriber database were used to invite people to complete the 2012 NZ Management magazine readership survey. 516 readers completed the survey between 1 & 12 November, 2012.

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