NZIM is professional management organisation and knows and understands the needs of
management and managers. NZIM plays many roles in management education in the tertiary sector. As well as specifying the requirements for managing and resourcing nationally approved certificate and diploma programmes offered through polytechnics and other tertiary providers, NZIM also provides substantial programme of professional short courses through its divisions, as well as in-company training programmes, advice and other training services.
Indeed NZIM ?bridges the sectors’ in that it maintains close relations with the world of work and polytechnics, private training establishments, industry training organisations, and professional organisations. It also maintains strong links with professional and educational organisations around the world, and frequently participates in research and exchange of ideas.
Increasingly NZIM has been called upon to act in ?mediating’ capacity, whether it is to negotiate an appropriate training programme or to create partnerships which enable the organisation to pursue its goal of improving management competence.
So NZIM is well-placed to understand and comment on what may be seen as cross-sector issues. These range from problems of moving between the sectors to NZQA definitions of level and competence. Of course NZIM is also itself an interested party, as major provider of professional management training through its short course programme. However this role is one that is different from that of most of the major tertiary educational institutions. Our position gives us unique insight into the different perspectives provided by the various sector interests.

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