Seven ways to build resilience

Newman is MD of RocheMartin, which provides emotional intelligence (EI) products, training and services for leadership in the corporate and elite sports sectors.

He says resilience – “the ability to bounce back from setback, heartbreak and injustice, and rise to life’s opportunities” – is the number one skill that people need in order to succeed.

“If you follow few simple rules for creating the right cultural conditions that celebrate resilience, you can tip the scales in the right direction.”

One: Model the skills

Two: Teach others to develop fallback plan

Three: Build their self-confidence. [“…. which is based on the twin emotions of self-liking and self-competence.”] 

Four: Teach them how to take control of situations. [“The key strategy here is to consistently link their achievements to their efforts.”] 

Five: Listen to get them talking. [“Listening to others and allowing them to influence you, is the single best way to get on with people everywhere – in the office, at home, or down at the local bar.”]

Six: Give up perfection. [“If people are going to turn out resilient, they’ll need to fail now and then. So let them.”]

Seven: Stick together. [“Resilience requires learning to strike balance between going it alone and relying on other people.”]

Newman describes parenting – and, by extension, leading in business – as the “delicate dance of knowing when to lead and walk in front, and when to walk behind”.

He is the author of Emotional Capitalists – The New Leaders and the “Emotional Capital Report” – tool for measuring emotional intelligence and leadership. 

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