Smart ideas launched

Awards have gone to diverse group of ventures, ranging from getting Hamilton producer of beef and lamb chips export-ready to the development, in Auckland, of the world’s first lightweight survival helmet which allows wearers to talk to each other with ease in noisy conditions.
Other Awards are helping Christchurch entrepreneur prod-uce fun, fashion camera, Bay of Plenty woman develop mobile sludge barge and New Plymouth business manufacture body protection equipment for women doing martial arts.
Industry New Zealand business development and small business unit manager Gregory Crott says with the Government having set aside funds to make minimum of 200 Enterprise Awards to small businesses and 50 to entrepreneurs, there is plenty of incentive for proposals to be lodged.
Those interested in an award can apply for 50 percent of the total costs of project and the scheme will fund up to $10,000 in any one year.
The money, which is reimbursed by Industry New Zealand, can be used to employ external advice and assistance to test and develop concepts with good growth potential.
Enterprise Awards are contestable and an independent panel meets monthly to select the best proposals. The BIZ network throughout New Zealand is an easy first point of contact for anyone interested in the schemes.
Proposal forms can also be downloaded from the Industry New Zealand website at

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