Talent war hots up

Worldwide, less than half (44 percent) of the global workforce feels valued by their employer and two-thirds (66 percent) intend to look for new job with another organisation in the next year. 

The results are pulled together in new report, “Acquisition and Retention in the War for Talent”. 

The survey finds that among the main workforce generations, Gen X (aged 31-48) are more likely to be thinking about resigning their current jobs than either Gen Y (19-30) or Baby Boomers (49-66).

The survey also found when evaluating potential employers, the number one factor job seekers regard or consider is corporate brand/reputation (58 percent) followed by location (52 percent).

Nearly 170,000 people across all generations in 30 countries, including the Americas, APAC and EMEA regions, took part in the survey.

The report warns that unless employers can offer meaningful work and ongoing opportunities for growth, many employees feel it is in their best interest to keep their careers in perpetual state of motion.

This is not new message, by any means, but there sure are lot of people saying it in this survey.

In terms of what would most likely cause workers to leave their current employer, aside from salary/benefits, lack of opportunities for advancement (21 percent) and poor management (20 percent) rank highest.

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