Technology transforms CIO role

“IT is no longer supporting the organisation – it is key driver of business outcomes,” he says.

CIOs faced range of challenges including budgetary pressures, rapidly changing technology and digital landscape, and new operating models. There has been seismic shift away from operationally-focused IT functions to business technology teams who work with the organisation to drive business outcomes.

Rogers says the latest report shows how many CIOs are turning to ‘new world’ technologies to find more flexible and cost effective ways to help drive innovation and productivity. 

Forty-three percent of respondents’ organisations are using the cloud to deliver services and this requires different set of skills than traditional IT environment.

More than half of organisations (52 percent) provide flexible working arrangements for some employees and just over third (38 percent) have introduced flexible device usage policy. 

Almost two-thirds of organisations use social media as promotional tool and it is increasingly being used as an internal communications tool. 

Trends in cloud computing and social media were generally viewed as beneficial with 54 percent of respondents stating productivity was enhanced, while 57 percent felt that innovation was also improving.

More than half (52 percent) of respondents bring their own smartphone to work, while 24 percent bring their own tablet which has implications for asset management and security.

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