Time Out

Worried that your valued staff have leaving on their mind? Jump the gun and give them long leave of absence.
HR researchers say managers should accept that everyone gets to point where they feel stale with the work they’re doing, but they don’t necessarily want new job. They just want time out.
A recent study by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans says that leave of absence will become more standard feature of corporate life and within the next decade third of all employees will be taking long leave of absence.
For those who need to convince the boss, the key is in the packaging:
1. Take realistic look at your standing in the company. Can you afford time off without putting your job at risk?
2. Present strong case why your organisation should allow this leave. Structure it so that your company and customers benefit, as well as yourself.
3. Show how you’ll be more valuable when you return.
4. Highlight how your responsibilities will be covered. Will you check in from time to time?
5. Plan in advance. Don’t spring it on your firm few weeks before you want to take off.

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