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The Government is considering an emissions trading system under which businesses which make emissions must buy carbon credits and those who reduce emissions can sell carbon credits. Do you agree or disagree with this policy approach?

Results for 1379 total responses
A.Strongly disagree10%
E.Strongly agree14%
F.Don’t know8%
Results for 389 business decision makers
A.Strongly disagree -13%
B.Disagree -9%
C.Neutral -18%
D.Agree -35%
E.Strongly agree -22%
F.Don’t know -3%

Source: ShapeNZ. Sample 1379 respondents, including 389 business managers, proprietors, self employed. Weighted by age, gender, personal income, party vote 2005. 15 Jun-31 July. Margin of error +/-2%.
ShapeNZ is run by the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development.

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