IN TOUCH : Executive pulse

Business executives want cut in personal tax rates. But if it pushes up interest rates nearly one in three say “no thanks”.
A pointer to political parties to cut taxes, but not overnight?

What is your view regarding personal tax rates?
• Personal taxes should be reduced immediately -39%
• Personal taxes should be reduced gradually -43%
• Personal tax cuts should not occur – 16%
• Don’t know – 2%

If personal tax cuts contributed to increased interest rates would you…
• Prefer personal tax cut this year – 29%
• Prefer personal tax cut introduced over time – 38%
• Prefer no personal tax cut – 30%
• Don’t know – 3%

Source: ShapeNZ. Sample 250 business managers, proprietors, self employed. Weighted by age, gender, personal income, party vote 2005. May 17 – June 5, 2007. Margin of error +/– 2%.

ShapeNZ is run by the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development

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