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Jo Healey • General manager • Fujitsu New Zealand

What are the key components of good leadership and why?
Leading by example has always been my mantra. I believe you gain respect from people who observe how you operate and who have experienced first hand the values by which you live your life. I believe people want to be led by an individual that they trust and who has strong values, while at the same time being empathetic to their needs. By demonstrating personal passion to succeed and the strength of character to do what you believe is right, people will follow your lead. Inspiration is fundamental key to motivation and therefore overall leadership. Another key aspect of good leadership is to take personal responsibility for your actions. This is something I try to nurture in our organisation as finger pointing culture will get you nowhere.

What are the values that you will not negotiate on?
Trust, honesty, integrity, commitment, competence – they underpin everything in life for me – both business and personal.

What are the exciting opportunities for New Zealand in the future?
Our response to climate change is one area in which New Zealand can take lead. In 1970, the Muskie Act in the United States sent shock waves throughout the automotive industry. American auto makers resisted, saying that compliance with the strict new environmental regulations would be impossible and implementation was greatly delayed as result.
However, by 1978 Japanese automobiles were able to fully meet the requirements of the Act, changing forever the dominance of the US in the automotive industry. I think this is an excellent example of how innovation created environmental value and changed the competitive structure of an industry. I believe New Zealand can learn lot from Japan’s leadership in its response to climate change. Approaching climate change from the premise of providing value, rather than as potential cost, could lead to major innovations which would change our economy and society forever.

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