IN TOUCH : Powerful, playful, precise or peaceful – which are you?

TEAR Fund ( hosted business luncheon at the Auckland Maritime Museum last month where Allie Mooney from Personality Plus presented the four personality types.
The business audience learned how speed reading person’s personality could help them communicate and meet the needs of employees, colleagues and clients. This can help staff retention – big issue in business today.
Playful personalities desire to have fun or they lose motivation. Powerful personalities want to be in charge, they step up to get things done. Precise people are organised, fact based and analytical. Peaceful people want harmony and do not like conflict.
TEAR Fund spokesperson Kathy Walker said the purpose of the event was to build connections with the business community. Many who attended had no previous knowledge of TEAR Fund.
She said the luncheon was an opportunity for TEAR Fund to explain its ‘Microenterprise’ scheme which businesses can support as social responsibility model.
“Social responsibility is very topical and people need to know the avenues through which they can give and produce results,” Walker said.
Microenterprise involves giving small loans to poor people in developing nations to start businesses. The loan recipients are trained in business skills and once their business is making profit, the loan is repaid and reloaned to someone else for another Microenterprise.
“Because Microenterprise is business oriented, business people can relate to it,” Walker said.
“Businesses that support Microenterprise are changing lives and giving people in developing nations dignity and positive destiny. TEAR Fund is just the vehicle.”

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