Upfront: Awarding good balance

A genuine regard for the health and happiness of employees is the hallmark of great place to work – how it’s demonstrated can take range of forms.

It could include flexibility in work hours or location, individual health benefits, or culture that encourages inclusivity and community engagement. New Zealand companies successfully finding ways to ease the impact of more hectic work and life schedules on staff are being asked to own up to their achievements by entering the EEO Trust’s Work and Life Awards 2003. Entries close on May 29.

Now into their sixth year, the awards are attracting an increasingly wide range of entrants and initiatives. For more information, phone 09 525 3023 or visit www.eeotrust.org.nz

And companies wanting to know more about the business benefits of EEO policies and how to better balance work/life priorities can now contact its newly appointed executive adviser, Phillippa Reed. Formerly executive director of the University of Auckland Business School’s executive programmes, Reed plans to be out and about visiting existing Trust members and employers to talk about the organisation’s role and activities.

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