UPFRONT Changing education needs

In order to solve the problem of where to find the right employees to meet present and future requirements, smart companies will increasingly work with high schools, colleges, universities and polytechs to prepare young people with the knowledge and skills they’ll need.
That’s prediction from American trend-spotter Roger Herman which is already being reflected in New Zealand – recent example being formal collaboration between Massey University and economic development agency Enterprise North Shore.
The two bodies last month signed memorandum of understanding that’s all about bridging the gap between business and education and follows on from the development of joint projects that are already benefiting the local economy.
NZIM policy manager Batch Hales notes that number of educational institutions are now engaging more directly with businesses and suggests that in future many educational programmes won’t be set courses or qualifications so much as relationships.
“We will perhaps see many qualifications redefined in terms of relationships.”
Already many traditional business courses are becoming less relevant or valuable to business, says Hales.
“Increasingly our education will need to change to meet business needs and those have to do with working in constantly changing business environments. We won’t be looking for people with university qualifications but for people who can work in busy, multicultural, changing, IT-savvy environments.”

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