UPfront Chopped but happy

Downsizing? Then look to outplacement consultants and career transition services to deliver successful, image-preserving results.

Well that is what global human resource consulting firm DBM says survey they sponsored tells them.

More than 1200 senior HR executives took part in the survey called; ‘Outplacement Consulting and Career Transition Services: The Impact on Your Business’.

A healthy 78 percent of respondents said that outplacement consulting and career transition services improved the organisation’s internal and external image. Another 72 percent believed it helped reduce litigation and, believe it or not, 59 per cent believed it improved the morale of retained employees.

And, reportedly, productivity and profitability increased in the year following downsizing where outplacement consulting was implemented.

“Downsizing is global business reality, especially in tough economy,” according to Reece Notton, DBM New Zealand’s national director, sales.

DBM partnered with The Centre For Organizational Research in the US to conduct the study. Participants represented companies from variety of industries and 46 percent of respondents worked with organisations that employed more than 1000 people.

A hefty 88 percent of respondents had experienced downsizing within the past five years, and of those, 38 percent had experienced four or more downsizings.

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