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A masterclass series on management by one of the world’s top business thinkers is now available free of charge via podcast. Former Harvard Business School professor David Maister, named in Tom Brown’s 2002 book Business Minds as one of the top 40 business thinkers, has just launched new 15-part series of podcasts on management. They pull together material from Maister’s books – which include Managing the professional service firm, True professionalism and The trusted advisor – and from his many published articles.
Maister, who is now based in Boston where he runs his own global consultancy practice, likens the contents of this new series of free downloadable audio broadcasts to full university course in management. Topics will include what latest research says about the key characteristics of effective managers, motivation of individuals, team building, how managers can earn the trust of those they must influence and judging managerial success.
The podcasts are available via Maister’s website www.davidmaister.com.
Podcast subscribers automatically receive downloads of new episodes from the internet direct to their computers. Subscribers can then play back podcasts on desktop or laptop computers, portable MP3 players (such as iPods), and home and car stereo systems.
Knowing that many readers may be new to podcasts, Maister’s website includes suggestions on software for playing podcasts, instructions on how to subscribe to the series, and troubleshooting advice.
Maister’s stated mission is to help businesses realise that while effective management remains source of competitive advantage, most organisations choose the wrong people for managerial jobs. “Managers should be interested in helping others, but most look on management as milestone in their own careers,” he says. “You can’t be an effective manager if people think you are only interested in yourself.”
Maister describes his podcast masterclass series on management as “an attempt to help people think through the [management] role that they have taken on, the responsibilities they bear and how they can truly add value and make difference”.

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