UPfront: How Often Do You Kick Your Cat?

When it comes to pre-testing future employee’s integrity, US companies often ask them how much they stole last year.

While such an overt approach would seem to fall into the “have you stopped beating your wife?” category of questioning, it has apparently proved fairly successful.

In New Zealand integrity assessment is relatively new and the test of choice, according to Neisha Voot, registered psychologist for headhunters TMP Worldwide, is less overt and very effective.

“Research has shown it to be far more effective than other more traditional selection and testing techniques.”

Because the test relates to single measure, it provides cost-effective (under $100) tool for screening out those whose integrity failings could prove costly to their employer, says Voot.

It consists of relatively simple personality inventory check that measures “dependability-conscientiousness” – ie, can you be relied on to do what you say you’re going to do. It can reveal those who have high probability of behaving in defensive, selfish, unreliable or counter-productive manner.

So far, it’s proved to be highly predictable – managing to detect more than half those who turn out to be poor performers, says Voot.

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