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Brands don’t have to be old to be authentic. It is possible to consciously build brand authenticity. And customers will pay more for an authentic brand. Such messages must be music to the ears of brand managers nationwide who have long argued the case for developing, nurturing and valuing their brand equity.
Now new study by Australian brand consultancy Principals reckons it has nailed the proof to these long-held claims. Principals’ Authenticity Brand Index (ABI) is composite measure of brand’s authenticity applied across multiple markets and industry sectors.
Each brand is rated by consumers on how true, honest and sincere they believe brands to be based on seven factors: originality, familiarity, momentum, sincerity, heart, rapport and heritage. The index enables the performance of individual brands to be tracked over time.
Our nation’s most authentic brand, according to these consumers? Kiwibank pipped all others to take out the top slot ahead of other iconic brands such as Wattie’s (traditionally strong performer in branding surveys), Speight’s, Vogel’s, L&P, Griffin’s, AA and Air New Zealand.
The ABI study is currently being replicated in Australia and will later be rolled out throughout the Asia Pacific region.

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