UPFRONT : What price loyalty?

Seems it’s fading thing – loyalty. For younger employees in particular it’s no longer given but something an employer has to put serious effort into earning.
A recent online survey by New Zealand recruitment website Seek found that more than quarter of respondents would change jobs at the drop of hat; further 29 percent would move for more money, while more than third would go elsewhere for career development.
That lack of employee loyalty should set the red flags waving for employers, reckons Seek general manager Ken Leeming.
“In candidate-short market, it’s essential employers do everything they can to hold onto their staff. Employers need to make sure their employees are receiving sufficient growth opportunities, are being rewarded effectively and are made to feel valued by their organisation.”
It’s not just local phenomenon. Surveys in Australia have also found that loyalty has cost. While 90 percent of employees responding to survey by career internet site Linkme.com.au considered themselves loyal, nearly half said they’d leave their company in an instant if somebody was to offer them more dosh.
And cash wasn’t the only carrot – nearly third would move if they found company where their skills could be put to better use, while 11 percent would shift jobs for more flexible work hours.
Employers, take note.

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