Webinar: How to get buy-in for good ideas

Kotter will describe how to get organisational buy-in to keep great ideas alive. You will learn:

The ways that people undercut good ideas and how to identify their tactics – like confusion, death by delay, and fear-mongering. 
Strategies to preserve your ideas and turn them into reality. 
Strategies to communicate for “buy-in” – central step in Kotter’s 8-step framework for successful organisational change. 
Tools to ensure that your organisation’s best ideas are put into action.

In the question and answer segment, you can ask Kotter to share insights on applying these learnings to specific situations. New Zealand participants will need to be up early next Friday morning to be part of the webinar. It is being held at 1pm US EST on October 28, which is 5am NZ time on October 29. You’ll also need to register.

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