What’s in a name?

Air New Zealand takes the top slot in the overall rankings, followed by Fonterra and then Beca.

This year’s survey respondents praised many aspects of Air New Zealand’s performance: its strong leadership, customer service orientation, innovation, brand and corporate values, and its role as strong ambassador for NZ.

Our national carrier ranked first in the inaugural MRO survey two years ago.

The research indicates that the organisations heading this year’s survey show superior senior leadership, vision for the future, and excellent product or service quality.

Hay Group NZ general manager Jacqui Millar says this year’s survey findings mirror what her company sees in its interactions with clients. There is, she says, an increasing focus on leadership by companies across the board.

For the past two years, the MRO has been identifying reputable organisations across four categories: private sector companies, state-owned enterprises, government departments; and not-for-profit organisations.

Now for the first time, the pool has been expanded to also include professional services companies.

Kiwibank was voted the most reputable state-owned enterprise, NZ Police the most reputable government department, and the Salvation Army topped the not-for-profit section. PwC was selected as the most reputable professional services organisation.

For full insights into this year’s MRO survey see the article “NZ’s most reputable organisations” in NZ Management magazine’s September issue.

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