Women and business success

That’s according to recent McKinsey survey which found 72% of respondents believe there’s connection between diverse leadership teams and its financial success – up 12% on similar survey last year. Inevitably there is gender split on the issue – with 85% of women believing in the connection compared with 58% of men. However, only 28% of companies have it on their top 10 agenda and for 32%, it doesn’t feature at all. www.mckinseyquarterly.com

That’s shame because according to another recent survey – this time by UK-based HR company Reabur – more people would prefer woman boss. Its poll of 1200 people found that 38% believe women bosses are better, with 59% of those favouring females because they are more understanding and 51% rating them as more organised. Twenty-nine percent of the respondents favoured men and third were neutral on the gender issue, according to People Management magazine.


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