Leadership 2030

ISBN: 978-0-8144-3275-4

The Six Megatrends You Need to Understand to Lead Your Company into the Future

The book Leadership 2030 by Hay Group consultants Georg Vielmetter and Yvonne Sell that we mentioned back in March, is well worth reading. It’s about the six megatrends the authors say leaders will need to understand to successfully lead their companies into the future. 

Leadership is getting uncomfortable. “Employees used to know just your name, your face, your business reputation,” say the authors in a recent HBR blog.  “Now they know your salary, your hometown, your connections on LinkedIn and how much your house is worth. They know more than ever, and you’re under pressure to share more than ever, too –  76 percent of global executives (for further information click here) think it’s a good idea for their CEO to be on social media. 
Increased transparency means leaders are accountable for areas they know less about, such as new technologies, new markets, new cultures and geographies representing new stakeholders. No wonder tenure is declining (for further information click here). 
“Good leaders have always stepped out of their comfort zones, but converging global megatrends are putting more pressure on those at the top to navigate a faster, more complex, more integrated and more transparent business world,” say the authors.
The book examines the repercussions of the convergence of major forces like globalization, climate change, increased individualism, and accelerating digitization.
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