The Rise of New Leadership

In today’s fast moving, ultra-competitive global business environment, we are seeing the rise of new leadership. A company cannot base its success on the competence of a few leaders.


Addressing the rise of leadership were:

>> Sina Wendt-Moore, CEO of Leadership NZ:


  • Leaders have to listen to different points of view – but how do we create environments where diverse leaders can work together, while giving meaning to generations?
  • The four difference generations in the workplace are distinctly different; they have different cultural backgrounds, goals, life influences and behaviours. The challenge for managers is to learn what drives each generation and how to recognise them.
  • Young people want to know their career pipeline; they want to add value.
  • People under 30 aren't future leaders; they are leading now, with new ways of thinking and doing


>> Brett O'Riley, Chief Executive of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development 


ATEED’s values are great communication, great company, great results, great relationships, great thinking.

“I was asked by the chair of the board when we launched our values should the board approve them? But I hadn’t even approved them; no one ‘approved them’ – they just evolved.”


“Our next step was the personal development of the team; growing people. Everyone completed a personal development plan – and I read every single one. I was surprised they weren’t more ambitious. But had anyone said; you can be more ambitious? When we talk about developing our leaders, are we comfortable that they may want our jobs?”


>> Tim Nichols, Chief Product Officer, Serko


What has changed in the world of business?

  • Global; The world has shrunk in the last 20 years. We look to world markets now.
  • Connected; Everyone has a mobile phone – not just the C-suite. More people have access to a mobile phone than have access to clean water.
  • Sharing; We share stuff now; we loan our cars to people when we go to the airport, we offer accommodation in our front room to other people.
  • Competitive; Two billion more people = more commercial = easier to compete
  • Speeded up; Think of digital music. First there was iTunes, then Spotify and now streaming music.

All this equals disruption; everything is turned on its head.


Intrapreneur breakfast series by Frog Recruitment and sponsored by AUT Business School

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